Anyone can learn to speak Portuguese fluently. Watch the video and find out how our "speak like a native" method will make you feel at home anywhere speaking Portuguese.


video classes

More than 80 video lessons with everything you need to become a native Portuguese speaker!


190-page ebook with the essentials for anyone who wants to speak like the natives!


Exercises are proposed throughout the course to reinforce learning!


More than 80 lessons following the chapters of the book with all the basic concepts of the Portuguese language, grammar, verbs and vocabulary.

Video classes with phrases in English so that the student tries to translate into Portuguese, thus acquiring the habit of speaking the language, from basic to advanced.

Module with phrases in Portuguese to practice pronunciation or simply to listen to the audio.

New classes added throughout the course period.

Access all classes on your cell phone with the Hotmart Sparkle app.


This ebook was developed especially for you who want to learn to speak portuguese fluently.


It was developed based on my "speak like a native" teaching method with a focus on conversation!


We need to learn some grammatical concepts to improve our communication, but let's focus on what is essential to apply to spoken language.


Our classes are accompanied by explanatory pdf's with extra material. In them we put basic tips on all the grammatical concepts explained in the classes.

learning portuguese can be easier and more fun than you think...

Our teaching method is based on the four fluency skills: reading, listening, writing and speaking.

We teach the basics of grammar and vocabulary while integrating the 4 skills to make the student naturally fluent.
Our exclusive method encourages the student to speak the Portuguese language the way they can, making them reach fluency much faster.


Born in Rio de Janeiro, I lived and worked in several North American states, such as New York, California and Florida, where I acquired fluency in the English language.


I have experience in several jobs teaching and practicing conversation in Portuguese and English with foreigners, as a tour guide, hotels, event coordination, among others.


Today I work exclusively helping people to become fluent in the Portuguese language through my private lessons, handouts and courses!


*real testimonials from Sarah's private students at

"Sarah is an excellent tutor. She is easy to talk with and keeps the conversation going. She reviews errors and pronunciation problems as we go along and again at the end of the lesson. I recommend her."

S T U D E N T 

"My lessons with Sarah have been great! She's been very patient taking me through the basics as I start to learn this new language. The lessons are always well planned and fun, while also challenging; I highly recommend."

S T U D E N T 

"Sarah is excellent and she has made learning Brazilian português a lot of fun. Sarah explains the structure of learning how to speak like a Brazilian and the culture of Brazil itself. She teaches in a way that makes learning far more tangible and interesting for a beginner."

S T U D E N T 

a lot of people are already speaking portuguese with Sarah!

"The lessons have been progressive and instrumental in improving my listening, speaking and recall. Sarah has the right personality and energy to keep me engaged and happy to work with her!"

S T U D E N T 

"I always look forward to lessons with Sarah! She's very enthusiastic and our classes are always fun! I highly recommend everyone to learn with her!

S T U D E N T 

"Sarah is a phenomenal Portuguese tutor! She is super friendly, encouraging and enthusiastic. If you are trying to work on your Portuguese, whether you are a beginner or have studied in the past, I highly recommend trying a lesson with her."

S T U D E N T 

Sarah is wonderful! She is working with our 8 year old daughter on Portuguese speaking, reading and math...they have been making great progress together. Our daughter looks forward to her lessons with Sarah when they meet twice a week! Thank you Sarah! You are the best!!

S T U D E N T 

Sarah is such an amazing teacher and I always look forward to our lessons. I have been trying to learn Portuguese for the last 8 years on Doulingo and I have learnt more from her in that last 4 sessions than Duolingo has ever managed to teach me.

S T U D E N T 

"Sarah is very sweet and understanding and will take the time to make sure you are learning. I always have a fun experience learning with her. I like her lesson plan, I highly recommend working with her."

S T U D E N T 

learning portuguese can be easier and more fun than you think...

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